How to Take Cover in GTA 5

How to Take Cover in GTA 5

GTA 5 is an action-packed video game that offers players the exhilarating experience of navigating a virtual world filled with adventure and excitement. One key aspect of surviving in this chaotic world is learning how to effectively take cover during intense gunfights and perilous situations. Whether you’re a new player looking to improve your skills or a seasoned gamer seeking advanced tactics, is here to guide you on the path to becoming a master of cover in GTA 5.

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Finding Cover

In Grand Theft Auto 5, taking cover is a crucial gameplay technique that can help you survive intense firefights and accomplish missions successfully. Whether you are being pursued by the police or engaging in a gang war, you need to know how to take cover and make use of your surroundings effectively. This tutorial will guide you through the steps of taking cover in GTA 5.

Selecting a Suitable Object

The first step is to find a suitable object that can act as cover. In the game environment, you will come across various objects such as walls, vehicles, crates, and even trees that can provide temporary protection. Look for objects that are sturdy enough to withstand gunfire and tall enough to fully cover your character. Keep an eye out for signs, walls, or any other objects with a blue arrow icon pointing towards them, indicating their potential as cover.

Approaching and Activating Cover

Once you have identified a suitable object, approach it by moving your character closer to it. As you get closer, a prompt will appear on the screen indicating the ability to take cover. It may say “Press to take cover” or simply show an icon representing the cover mechanic. Ensure that you are within the prompt’s range and then press the corresponding button to activate cover mode.

Moving Between Covers

In more challenging situations, staying in one cover position may not be sufficient for your survivability. To improve your chances of success, GTA 5 provides the ability to move between different cover positions smoothly. While in cover, look for another suitable object nearby that you want to move to. Aim your weapon in the direction of the desired cover and press the designated button to move your character towards it. This mechanic, known as “cornering,” allows you to safely navigate through the environment while minimizing exposure to enemies.

Advanced Techniques

Blind Firing

When you are in cover, you can engage in blind firing to suppress enemies without exposing yourself fully. To blind fire, aim your weapon without leaving the cover position by holding the aim button. By doing so, your character will lean out and fire their weapon while keeping most of their body protected. Blind firing can be an effective strategy to fend off enemies or create distractions.

Peeking and Shooting

Peeking and shooting is another useful technique for engaging enemies while maintaining cover. While in cover, you can slightly lean out from the side of the object by moving the left stick in that direction. This allows you to have a better field of view, aim more accurately, and shoot at enemies without fully exposing yourself. Remember to press the aim button to engage in targeting before shooting.

Using Cover to Heal

In intense battles, it’s common to take damage. However, you can take advantage of cover to minimize the risks and heal yourself. While in cover, open the weapon wheel by holding the weapon change button and select the health kit or snack. Use the corresponding button to activate it and replenish your health. Take care to time your healing properly to avoid getting caught off-guard by enemy fire.


Taking cover effectively in GTA 5 can make a significant difference in your survival rate and mission success. By identifying suitable objects, practicing movement between covers, and mastering advanced techniques like blind firing and peeking, you can become a formidable force in combat situations. Remember to always assess your surroundings, make tactical decisions, and use cover wisely to outsmart your adversaries.

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