How to Pay Mechanic in GTA 5

How to Pay Mechanic in GTA 5

Are you an avid fan of Grand Theft Auto V? If the answer is yes, then you must be well-acquainted with the various in-game mechanics, including the enigmatic character known as the “Mechanic”. For those unfamiliar, the Mechanic is a highly skilled NPC who assists players by delivering requested vehicles to their location. However, as with any service in the game, there is a price to be paid for this convenience.

Have you ever found yourself wondering how to pay the Mechanic in GTA 5? Look no further, as today we will delve into the simple yet often overlooked process of compensating this helpful character. Whether you are new to the game or a seasoned veteran, understanding this mechanic pay system is essential for a smooth and enjoyable gameplay experience.

At, we strive to provide you with the most comprehensive guides and information to enhance your gaming experience. Join us as we uncover the ins and outs of paying the Mechanic in GTA 5, ensuring you never get caught off guard when utilizing this invaluable service in Los Santos’ vast virtual world.

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Step 1: Finding a Mechanic

In GTA 5, you can pay a mechanic to repair and deliver your vehicles. However, before you can pay them, you need to locate them in the game world. The easiest way to find a mechanic is by opening your phone and accessing the contacts list. Scroll down until you find the “M” section and search for the “Mechanic” contact.

Step 2: Calling the Mechanic

Once you have located the “Mechanic” contact, tap on it to bring up the calling interface. Press the call button and wait for a few moments until the mechanic picks up the phone. During this time, make sure you are in a suitable location to receive the delivery of your vehicle.

Step 3: Requesting Vehicle Delivery

When the mechanic answers your call, they will greet you and ask how they can assist you. Inform them that you would like to request a vehicle delivery. The mechanic will confirm your request and let you know that they will be on their way shortly.

Step 4: Determining Delivery Location

Before the mechanic delivers your vehicle, they will ask you about the ideal location for the drop-off. You can choose the closest available spawn point or a specific location if you have a preference. Alternatively, you can also request the mechanic to bring the vehicle directly to your current location.

Step 5: Paying the Mechanic

After confirming the drop-off location, the mechanic will inform you about the cost of the service. The payment will vary depending on the type and condition of the vehicle. Once you have all the necessary details, agree to the payment by selecting the appropriate option. The mechanic will proceed to deliver the vehicle to the designated location.

Step 6: Receiving the Vehicle

When the mechanic arrives with your vehicle, you will receive a notification on your screen. Head to the drop-off location and locate your vehicle. You will usually find it parked nearby or being driven to the location. Approach the vehicle and get in to take possession.

Step 7: Vehicle Repairs

Upon receiving the vehicle, you may notice that it requires repairs. The mechanic will repair basic cosmetic damages by default, free of charge. However, if your vehicle has mechanical issues or extensive damage, you can request additional repairs at an extra cost. To do this, open the interaction menu and select the “Request Repairs” option. The mechanic will repair your vehicle and return it to you in good working condition.

Step 8: Additional Notes

There are a few important things to keep in mind when paying a mechanic in GTA 5:

  • The mechanic’s availability is limited to a certain number of vehicle deliveries per in-game day. If they are unavailable, you may have to wait a while before you can call them again.
  • The mechanic’s delivery service is not available in certain areas with restricted vehicle access, such as missions or heists.
  • If your vehicle is impounded by the police, you will need to retrieve it from the impound lot before being able to request a delivery from the mechanic.
  • Be aware that the cost of vehicle repairs and delivery may vary based on the condition of your vehicle and the upgrades it has. Upgraded vehicles generally cost more to repair and deliver.

Now that you know how to pay a mechanic and utilize their services in GTA 5, you can easily have your damaged vehicles repaired and delivered to your desired location with just a phone call!

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