How to Make Money With a Motorcycle Club in GTA 5

How to Make Money With a Motorcycle Club in GTA 5

Are you a fan of Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA 5) and constantly on the lookout for new ways to make money within the game? Look no further! In this article, we will explore the thrilling world of motorcycle clubs in GTA 5 and how you can utilize them to fill your virtual pockets with cash. Whether you prefer cruising through the city streets or taking on adrenaline-pumping missions, being a part of a motorcycle club can bring both excitement and substantial financial gains.

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Creating a Motorcycle Club

GTA Online allows players to create and manage their very own Motorcycle Club. To start, you’ll need to own a motorcycle clubhouse, which serves as the base of operations for your club. Once you’ve acquired a clubhouse, you can begin building your empire.

Setting Up a Business

Now that you have your clubhouse, it’s time to set up a business to generate income for your Motorcycle Club. Follow these steps:

1. Clubhouse

The clubhouse is the heart of your operation. Purchase a suitable clubhouse from the Maze Bank Foreclosures website and customize it to your liking. Ensure you have sufficient funds to afford the clubhouse of your choice.

2. Choose a Business Type

Next, decide on the type of business you want to run as part of your Motorcycle Club. You have several options:

  • Cocaine Lockup
  • Methamphetamine Lab
  • Weed Farm
  • Counterfeit Cash Factory
  • Document Forgery Office

Each business has its own advantages and profit potential, so choose the one that suits your playstyle and preferences.

3. Location Matters

The location of your business can greatly impact its success. Select a business location that is conveniently situated near your clubhouse to minimize travel time. Look for locations that offer easy access to highways and avoid heavily populated areas that may attract unwanted attention.

4. Hiring Staff

Hire staff to help you manage and operate your business effectively. Staff members will handle production and resupply tasks, allowing you to focus on other club activities. Ensure you have enough funds to pay their salaries, as well as the necessary equipment to support your operations.

Completing Missions

Earn money for your Motorcycle Club by completing various missions and tasks. Here are the different types of missions you can undertake:

1. Contracts

Contracts are missions where you work for other players or NPCs. They involve activities such as stealing supplies, assassinations, or retrieving valuable items. Successfully completing contracts will reward you with cash and reputation points.

2. Sale Missions

Sale missions involve delivering your produced goods to buyers in exchange for money. These missions can be risky, as you may encounter hostile players or NPCs trying to steal your shipment. Coordinate with your club members to ensure a successful sale and protect your investments.

3. Club Work

Club work missions are small tasks that can be completed by your motorcycle club members. These missions include activities like document forgery, weapon recovery, and club promotions. Completing club work missions will provide you with extra cash and help increase your reputation within the club community.

Advancing Your Club

As your Motorcycle Club grows, it’s important to advance and expand your operations. Here are some ways to achieve this:

1. Upgrading Your Business

Invest in upgrades for your business to increase production speed, reduce supply costs, and boost your overall profit margin. Upgrade options include security systems, staff improvements, and equipment enhancements. Keep in mind that upgrades require a monetary investment, but they will pay off in the long run.

2. Expanding Your Member Base

A larger member base means more people to help you run missions, protect your assets, and generate income. Recruit new prospects into your club, ensuring they are skilled and trustworthy individuals who are willing to contribute to the club’s success.

3. Forming an Alliance

Consider forming alliances with other Motorcycle Clubs or CEO organizations to increase your network and unlock additional opportunities. Collaborating with other groups can lead to joint missions, resource sharing, and increased protection against rival clubs.

Selling Your Products

Once your businesses have accumulated enough products, it’s time to sell them for a substantial profit. Here’s how to approach the selling process:

1. Types of Sales

There are two main types of sales you can undertake:

  • Solo Sales: Perfect for players who prefer operating alone. These sales are smaller and less lucrative but carry lower risk.
  • Group Sales: These sales require multiple players to maximize profits, but they offer higher payouts. Coordinate with your club or alliance members to undertake these missions successfully.

2. Solo Sales

If you choose to embark on solo sales, be cautious of potential attacks from rival players or NPCs. Plan your routes carefully and use defensive strategies, such as employing armed escorts or utilizing stealth.

3. Group Sales

Group sales require effective coordination and communication among your club or alliance members. Assign roles for protecting the convoy, scouting ahead for threats, and driving the delivery vehicles. Utilize voice chat or external communication tools for efficient teamwork.

4. Tips for Successful Sales

  • Timing: Pay attention to the in-game time. Selling during peaceful periods may reduce the chances of encountering hostile players.
  • Organization Size: Selling in smaller quantities may reduce the risk of attracting excessive attention from rival clubs or organizations.
  • Scouting: Before making a sale, scout the delivery route, check for potential hazards, and plan for contingencies.
  • Armed Escorts: Enlist club members or allies to provide armed escorts during deliveries, increasing your chances of successfully completing the sale.

Maximizing Profits

While running a Motorcycle Club can be profitable, combining it with other money-making methods can significantly boost your earnings. Consider utilizing the following GTA Online features to maximize your profits:

1. Money Making with CEOs

Register as a CEO to gain access to additional opportunities such as VIP Work, Special Cargo, or Vehicle Cargo missions. By alternating between your Motorcycle Club and CEO operations, you can generate income consistently.

2. Money Making with Bunkers

Incorporate a bunker into your money-making endeavors. Purchase and upgrade a bunker to unlock research projects and profit from manufacturing weapons, which can be sold for substantial amounts.

3. Money Making with Hangars

Consider investing in a hangar to store and export special cargo, including rare and expensive vehicles. Coordinate with your Motorcycle Club or alliance members to ensure efficient operations and maximize your profits.


Operating a Motorcycle Club in GTA 5 can be a lucrative venture, especially when paired with other money-making methods. Building and managing your club, completing missions, selling products, and expanding your operations require careful planning, coordination, and strategic thinking. With dedication and perseverance, you’ll be on your way to amassing wealth and establishing dominance in the bustling world of GTA Online.

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