How to Make Money as Michael in GTA 5

How to Make Money as Michael in GTA 5

Are you a fan of the iconic Grand Theft Auto franchise? If so, you’re probably familiar with the entertaining world of Los Santos, where crime and chaos reign supreme. One of the three protagonists, Michael, offers a unique gameplay experience and plenty of opportunities to accumulate wealth within the virtual realm of GTA 5. In this blog post, we’ll explore some effective strategies and methods to help you make money as Michael, ensuring you can live a life of luxury in this crime-filled playground.

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Earning Money as Michael in GTA 5

Grand Theft Auto V offers players various ways to make money, and one of the main protagonists, Michael De Santa, has some unique opportunities for lucrative ventures. Whether you’re trying to amass a fortune or looking for additional ways to fund your criminal activities, this guide will walk you through different methods to make money as Michael in GTA 5.

1. Complete Story Missions

Much of the game’s storyline revolves around Michael, and completing missions is a reliable way to earn money. Story missions not only offer an engaging narrative but also provide substantial payouts upon completion. As you progress through the game, new missions will become available, often presenting higher-paying opportunities.

To track available missions, open the in-game map and locate mission markers, usually indicated by a letter or a symbol. Approach the markers to start a mission and follow the on-screen prompts to complete objectives. Successfully finishing story missions will reward you with cash, sometimes reaching hundreds of thousands of in-game dollars.

2. Invest in the Stock Market

Playing the stock market can be a risky business, but if done right, it can also be incredibly profitable. As Michael, you have an advantage thanks to the character’s ability to perform assassination missions for Lester Crest. These missions involve eliminating certain targets to influence the stock market and manipulate specific company stocks.

Before completing assassination missions, research the targeted company’s stocks through the in-game internet or consult Lester for hints on which stocks to invest in. Complete the mission and then invest heavily in the stocks that will be affected negatively by the assassination. Once the market reacts, sell the stocks for huge profits.

3. Engage in Property Investments

Another fruitful avenue for making money as Michael is investing in properties throughout Los Santos and Blaine County. After completing the mission “Friends Reunited,” Michael can purchase various businesses, properties, and assets, which generate income periodically.

To invest, open the in-game internet and access the in-game stock market application, “Money and Services.” Here, you can navigate to the “Real Estate & Property” section and browse available properties. These range from cinemas and nightclubs to towing impound lots and the legendary Los Santos Golf Club. By purchasing properties, you gain regular income, adding to your overall wealth.

4. Participate in Random Events

GTA 5 is full of random events that pop up throughout the game world. Keep an eye out for strangers needing assistance, police chases, or public altercations. Participating in these events not only adds excitement to the gameplay but also yields financial rewards.

When you stumble upon a random event, assess the situation and decide whether to intervene. Successful interventions often result in gratitude from the individuals you assist, who may offer cash rewards or even inform you of valuable hidden items or places. Be on the lookout, as these surprising encounters can significantly boost your income.

5. Carry Out Heists

Heists are large-scale, multi-part missions that require careful planning and cooperation with other main characters. As Michael, you’ll have the opportunity to lead and participate in various heists throughout the game. These daring endeavors promise substantial monetary returns upon completion.

Before attempting a heist, ensure you have a reliable crew and invest in essential equipment. Proper planning is crucial, as each heist has multiple approaches with varying levels of difficulty and potential rewards. Successfully completing a heist can earn you millions of in-game dollars, making it one of the most lucrative ways to make money as Michael in GTA 5.


By following these methods, you can ensure that Michael De Santa’s bank account in GTA 5 is always healthy. Whether you prefer completing story missions, playing the stock market, investing in properties, participating in random events, or carrying out heists, the game offers multiple avenues for financial success. Choose the methods that suit your playstyle and enjoy accumulating wealth while immersing yourself in the vast world of Grand Theft Auto V.

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