How to Make Chop Happy in GTA 5

How to Make Chop Happy in GTA 5

Welcome to, your ultimate source for all things gaming! In today’s blog post, we will delve into the world of Grand Theft Auto V and specifically focus on the beloved character, Chop. This lovable Rottweiler accompanies the game’s main protagonist, Franklin, throughout his missions, making him an indispensable companion. If you’ve ever wondered how to make Chop the happiest dog in Los Santos, you’re in the right place! Strap in and get ready to explore some tips and tricks that will ensure Chop is wagging his tail with joy in no time.

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Step 1: Understanding Chop’s Needs

Chop, the lovable and loyal Rottweiler in GTA 5, has several needs that you must fulfill to keep him happy and healthy. These needs include food, water, exercise, grooming, and playtime. By tending to these needs, you can ensure that Chop remains content and receptive to your commands. Let’s dive into each aspect of care.

Food and Water

Feeding Chop is vital to keep him energized and satisfied. To feed him, open your in-game phone and select the “Contacts” option. Find Chop’s name and select it. You’ll see a list of actions, including one to feed him. Choose this option, and Chop will eagerly consume the food you provide.

Remember to keep an eye on the food and water meter displayed on your screen. When these bars are running low, it’s time to refill them. You can buy food and water from pet stores, convenience stores or use your phone to order supplies. Simply select the appropriate contact in your phone, choose “Buy” and pick the desired item. Alternatively, you can access Chop’s menu through the in-game internet and order supplies directly to your character’s location.


Chop needs daily exercise to stay fit and active. Take him for walks, runs, or even engage in training activities. To initiate a walk, call Chop and select the “Walk” option from his contact list. Then, choose a location for your walk or let him lead the way. Be mindful of Chop’s stamina bar; if it depletes, he may become tired or less responsive.

You can also play fetch with Chop. Simply pick up a ball or a toy and throw it. He will happily chase after it, bringing it back to you. Playing fetch is an excellent way to combine exercise and training, as it helps strengthen the bond between you and Chop.


Grooming is essential to maintain Chop’s appearance and hygiene. By keeping him clean and well-groomed, you’ll prevent fleas, ticks, and other skin issues. You can brush Chop’s fur by selecting the “Brush” option in his contact list. Gently move the brush across his coat to remove any dirt or tangles.

In addition to brushing, you should also bathe Chop regularly. Take him to a body of water or use a hose to wet him, then use shampoo and rinse thoroughly. Avoid using too much force or getting water in his eyes and ears. After bathing, dry him off with a towel or let him shake excess water off naturally.


Chop enjoys playtime as much as any dog. You can initiate play by selecting the “Play” option from his contact list and choosing an activity. You will find various options, including playing catch, a game where Chop has to find hidden objects, and more. Keep experimenting with different activities to find out which one Chop enjoys most.

Remember to reward Chop with treats and praise when he performs well during playtime or successfully completes a task. Positive reinforcement helps reinforce good behavior and strengthens your bond with Chop.

Step 2: Building a Strong Bond

Developing a strong bond with Chop is crucial for a productive and healthy relationship. Building this bond involves positive interaction, training, and understanding his behavior. Here’s how you can strengthen your connection with Chop:

Positive Interaction

Spend quality time with Chop by engaging in various activities mentioned earlier. Talk to him, pet him, and show him affection. Providing him with love and attention will make him feel valued and appreciated.


Train Chop regularly to enhance his obedience and responsiveness. Use treats and rewards to reinforce desired behaviors. For example, if you want him to sit, call his name followed by the command “Sit” and reward him when he successfully complies.

Consistency is key when training Chop. Practice commands regularly and be patient. Over time, he will learn and respond to your commands more efficiently.

Understanding Behavior

Observe Chop’s behavior closely to understand his preferences and signals. If he starts wagging his tail vigorously, it’s a sign of happiness and excitement. But if his ears are pinned back, it may indicate fear or discomfort. By understanding his body language, you can respond appropriately and provide a safer environment for him.

Step 3: Maximizing Chop’s Assistance in GTA 5

Chop can provide you with valuable assistance during missions and quests in GTA 5. By using the in-game app “IFruit,” you can increase his training and unlock additional abilities, making him an invaluable partner.


Open the IFruit app on your in-game phone and select Chop’s profile. From there, you can customize his appearance, such as choosing different collars, accessories, and even new breeds. Customizing Chop not only allows you to personalize his look but also strengthens the bond between you and your virtual pet.

Training and Abilities

The IFruit app also offers the opportunity to train and improve Chop’s abilities. Play the “Chop the Dog” minigame within the app to enhance his skills. As you progress through the game, Chop’s characteristics, such as running speed and attack strength, will increase within the main game.

Additionally, training Chop within the app can unlock special abilities, such as finding hidden items or assisting in missions. Utilize these abilities to gain an advantage during gameplay and accomplish goals more efficiently.

By following these steps and paying attention to Chop’s needs, you can make him happy and be a devoted owner. Enjoy exploring Los Santos with your loyal companion!

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