How to Join Epsilon in GTA 5

How to Join Epsilon in GTA 5

Are you a fan of GTA 5 and itching to join one of the most infamous secret cults in Los Santos? Look no further, as we’re here to guide you through the process of joining Epsilon in GTA 5. Epsilon is a mysterious cult in the game that has attracted a lot of attention from players due to its enigmatic nature and intriguing quests. By following our simple steps, you’ll soon be on your way to becoming a devoted member of this infamous organization.

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Step 1: Prepare Your Game

Before you can join Epsilon in GTA 5, you need to make sure that your game is up to date and running smoothly. Ensure that you have the latest version of Grand Theft Auto V installed on your preferred gaming platform.

If you do not have the game installed, you can purchase it from various online marketplaces or local retailers. Once you have the game installed, launch it and proceed to the next step.

Step 2: Complete the Requirements

Joining Epsilon in GTA 5 requires you to meet certain in-game requirements. These include achieving a minimum rank of 5 and having at least $5,000 in your in-game bank account.

If you have not met these requirements yet, focus on leveling up your character by completing missions, participating in races, or engaging in various other activities available in the game. Additionally, accumulate funds by completing heists, participating in online missions, or simply exploring and robbing stores in the game’s open world.

Step 3: Locate Epsilon’s Website

In order to join Epsilon, you need to access their website within the game. To do this, open the in-game internet browser on your character’s phone or computer. Navigate to the “mysteries” section of the browser, and look for a website called “Epsilon Program” or something similar.

Step 4: Fill out the Epsilon Membership Form

Once you are on Epsilon’s website, you will be presented with a membership form. Fill out all the required information, which may include your character’s name, email address, and other details requested by the organization.

Be patient and ensure that you provide accurate information. Any false or improper submissions may result in your application being rejected. Take your time to fully read and understand each question before answering.

Step 5: Complete the Epsilon Tract Mission

After submitting your membership form, you will be given a mission to complete. This mission is known as the “Epsilon Tract.” Your task is to locate and retrieve ten orange tracts scattered across the map of GTA 5’s world.

It may be helpful to use online guides or videos to help you find the tracts more easily. Once you have collected all the tracts, return to the Epsilon website and upload a picture or proof of your collection.

Step 6: Wait for a Response

After submitting your completed Epsilon Tract mission, you will need to wait for a response from the organization. Be patient as this process can take some time. It could be within a few hours or even up to a few days.

Check your character’s email regularly to see if you have received an acceptance or rejection message from Epsilon. If your application is accepted, congratulations! You are now a member of Epsilon in GTA 5.

Step 7: Immerse in Epsilon Activities

Once you are officially a member of Epsilon, you can participate in various activities related to the organization. Keep an eye on your character’s email as the Epsilon Program will send you instructions and missions to complete.

Follow these missions and instructions to progress within the organization, unlock exclusive content, and uncover the secrets of Epsilon in GTA 5. Immerse yourself in their world and explore the unique storylines and experiences they offer.

Step 8: Interact with Other Epsilon Members

GTA 5’s online mode allows you to interact with other players, including fellow Epsilon members. Join Epsilon-specific forums, communities, or Discord servers to connect with like-minded individuals.

Engage in discussions, share tips and tricks, and team up with other members for missions or activities. Expanding your network within Epsilon can enhance your overall GTA 5 experience and help you delve deeper into the organization’s lore.


Joining Epsilon in GTA 5 is an exciting endeavor that offers unique storylines and experiences within the game. By following the steps outlined in this tutorial, you can become a member of this mysterious organization and uncover the secrets they hold.

Remember to meet the in-game requirements, fill out the membership form accurately, complete the Epsilon Tract mission, and await a response. Once accepted, immerse yourself in Epsilon activities, interact with other members, and embrace the thrilling world of Epsilon in GTA 5.

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