How to Invite Friends to Business in GTA 5

How to Invite Friends to Business in GTA 5

Welcome to the blog! Today, we are diving into the exciting world of Grand Theft Auto V and exploring the fascinating dynamics of inviting friends to your business in the game. As a passionate gamer, you know that playing with friends enhances the overall experience and creates unforgettable gaming moments. With, you can take your GTA 5 adventures to new heights by collaborating with friends and building a thriving business empire together.

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Step 1: Accessing the In-Game Phone

To invite friends to your business in GTA 5, you’ll need to access the in-game phone. The phone acts as your main tool for various activities and interactions within the game.

To open the in-game phone, simply press the “UP” arrow key on your keyboard or the “D-pad Up” button on your controller.

Step 2: Navigating the In-Game Phone Menu

Once you have the in-game phone open, you’ll see a variety of icons representing different features and options. To invite friends to your business, you’ll need to navigate through these options.

Use the arrow keys or the analog stick on your controller to navigate through the menus. Locate the “Contacts” or “People” icon and select it by pressing the “Enter” key or the “A” button on your controller.

Step 2.1: Adding Friends to Your Contacts

If you haven’t added your friends to your contacts list yet, you’ll need to do so before inviting them to your business. Here’s how you can add friends to your contacts:

1. Scroll through your contacts list or use the search bar to find the friend you want to invite.

2. Once you’ve located your friend, select their profile by pressing the “Enter” key or the “A” button on your controller.

3. In your friend’s profile, you’ll see an option to add them to your contacts. Select this option to add them.

4. Repeat these steps for each friend you want to invite to your business.

Step 3: Initiating an Invite to Your Business

Now that you have your friends added to your contacts list, it’s time to invite them to your business. Follow these steps:

1. Go back to the main phone menu by pressing the back button or selecting the appropriate option.

2. Locate the “Job List” or “Missions” icon in the phone menu and select it.

3. In the job list, you’ll find different options for missions and activities. Look for an option related to your business, such as “Business Management” or “CEO Work”.

4. Select the option related to your business and choose the specific activity or mission you want to invite your friends to join. For example, if you own a nightclub, you can select a nightclub activity.

5. In the mission details, you’ll find an option to invite players. Select this option.

Step 3.1: Choosing Friends to Invite

Once you’ve selected the “Invite Players” option, you’ll see a list of your contacts. Here’s how you can choose the friends you want to invite:

1. Scroll through the contact list to find the friends you want to invite. You can also use the search bar to quickly locate specific friends.

2. Select each friend you want to invite by pressing the “Enter” key or the “A” button on your controller. A checkmark or similar indicator will appear next to their name to show they’ve been selected.

3. Once you’ve selected all the friends you want to invite, look for an option to confirm your selection. Choose this option to proceed.

Step 4: Sending the Invitations

After you’ve chosen your friends, it’s time to send out the invitations to your business activity. Follow these final steps:

1. Review the invitation details to ensure they are accurate. Make sure you’ve selected the correct activity, mission, or event.

2. Locate the “Send Invitation” or similar option and select it.

3. Your chosen friends will receive the invitations on their in-game phones. Once they accept the invitation, they will join you in the business activity you selected.

Step 4.1: Checking Invitation Status

If you want to check the status of your invitations or resend them, simply follow these steps:

1. Access the in-game phone again using the “UP” arrow key or “D-pad Up” button.

2. Navigate to the “Job List” or “Missions” icon once more.

3. Look for the option related to your business activity and select it.

4. In the mission details, you’ll find the invitation status or an option to resend invitations.

5. Check the status or choose the appropriate option to manage your invitations accordingly.

That’s it! You’ve successfully invited your friends to your business in GTA 5. Enjoy playing and collaborating with your buddies as you grow your empire together!

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