How to Find Exotic Exports in GTA 5

How to Find Exotic Exports in GTA 5

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Exotic exports are special vehicles that can fetch you a hefty sum when you manage to acquire and deliver them. Not only do they offer an exciting challenge to complete, but they also allow you to unleash your inner collector and showcase your impressive rides to other players in the game.

With, the process of finding and obtaining these exotic exports becomes a breeze. Their team of experts has meticulously curated a detailed guide that reveals the precise location of each vehicle, along with valuable tips and strategies to ensure a successful acquisition.

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Getting Started

Grand Theft Auto V (GTA 5) offers players a thrilling experience filled with heists, missions, and a massive open-world to explore. One exciting aspect of the game is finding and collecting exotic vehicles. These special vehicles can be quite elusive but are worth the effort as they provide unique features and customization options. In this tutorial, we will guide you on how to find exotic exports in GTA 5. So fire up your game, buckle up, and let’s hit the road!

1. Unlocking Exotic Exports

Before we dive into locating these exotic vehicles, it’s essential to unlock the Exotic Exports mission series in the game. To unlock these missions, you need to complete the story mission “Scouting the Port” given by Trevor. This mission becomes available after completing the “Cargobob” mission.

2. Receiving the Exotic Exports List

Once you have completed “Scouting the Port,” you will start receiving text messages from Simeon Yetarian, a prominent character in GTA 5 who operates a car dealership. These messages will provide you with a list of exotic vehicles that you need to locate and deliver to him.

2.1. Exotic Export Vehicle List

The Exotic Exports list can be found on your mobile phone under the “Messages” app. Open the app and look for messages from Simeon with the subject “Exotic Exports.” Each message will include the name and a photograph of the vehicle you need to find and deliver. These vehicles can be found roaming the streets of Los Santos, so keep your eyes open!

2.2. Multiple Vehicle Deliveries

Simeon will send you a new vehicle request every in-game day (48 minutes in real-time). The list holds the maximum number of vehicles you can find simultaneously, usually ranging from 3 to 4. Keep an eye out for new messages as they arrive, and make sure to prioritize delivering the vehicles before the timer runs out.

3. Locating Exotic Vehicles

With the Exotic Exports list in hand, it’s time to start hunting for those exceptional vehicles scattered around Los Santos. These vehicles can spawn in various areas of the city, so be prepared to do some searching.

3.1. Memorize Vehicle Details

Before you hit the streets searching for the exotic vehicles, memorize their names and appearances from the photographs provided in the messages. This will help you differentiate between ordinary and exotic vehicles with ease.

3.2. Use a Fast Vehicle

Having a fast vehicle is crucial for quickly traversing the city in pursuit of the exotic exports. Consider using one of your own customized cars or steal a high-performance vehicle to increase your chances of catching them before they despawn or disappear.

3.3. Explore Freeway & Main Routes

Start your search by exploring the city’s freeways and main routes. Exotic vehicles tend to spawn in these areas frequently. Be patient and cruise around while keeping an eye out for the desired vehicles.

3.4. Check Specific Locations

Aside from the freeways, certain locations have a higher chance of spawning exotic exports. These locations include movie studio parking lots, luxury car dealerships, and docks. Explore these spots regularly, as some vehicles may be prone to appearing there more often.

3.5. Nighttime Increases Spawns

If you’re having trouble finding the desired exotic vehicles, consider searching during nighttime in the game. They tend to spawn more frequently during this time, increasing your chances of finding them.

4. Delivering Exotic Vehicles

Once you have successfully located a desired exotic vehicle, the real challenge begins – delivering it to Simeon as quickly as possible.

4.1. Adhere to Time Limit

Each vehicle has a delivery timer that starts ticking as soon as you enter it. Be sure to deliver the vehicle within the given time limit; otherwise, the mission will fail, and you will lose the opportunity to earn a cash reward. Time management is crucial!

4.2. Be Careful and Avoid Damage

While delivering the exotic vehicle, be mindful of damaging it. Any significant damage may result in reduced payout or even Simeon rejecting the delivery. Drive carefully, avoid collisions, and keep an eye on the vehicle’s condition gauge.

4.3. Use Lester’s Locate Feature (Optional)

If you’re having difficulties with time constraints or locating specific vehicles, you can use Lester Crest’s locate feature, acquired through his contact in your phone. This feature will reveal the vehicle’s general location on the map, helping you track them down more efficiently.

4.4. Prioritize High-Value Vehicles

When multiple exotic vehicles appear on your list, always prioritize delivering the high-value ones first. These vehicles typically yield a higher cash reward upon successful delivery, maximizing your earnings.


Locating and delivering exotic exports in GTA 5 is an exhilarating experience that adds new dimensions to the game’s open-world environment. With this comprehensive tutorial, you are now equipped with the knowledge and strategies to find these unique vehicles and deliver them to Simeon. Get behind the wheel, explore the streets of Los Santos, and pave your way to fortune!

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