How to Enter Submarine in GTA 5

How to Enter Submarine in GTA 5

Are you an avid Grand Theft Auto 5 player looking to explore the depths of the ocean? Well, look no further because we’re here to guide you on how to enter a submarine in GTA 5! Whether you’re a seasoned player or new to the game, piloting a submarine can lead to some exhilarating experiences and hidden treasures.

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Step-by-Step Guide: How to Enter Submarine in GTA 5

Grand Theft Auto V, developed by Rockstar Games, offers players an open-world environment filled with thrilling missions and adventures. One exciting feature in the game is the ability to explore the depths of the ocean using a submarine. This tutorial will guide you through the process of entering and operating a submarine in GTA 5. Let’s dive in!

Step 1: Locating the Submarine

The first step is to find a submarine in the game world. There are two submarines available in GTA 5: the Kraken and the Stromberg. The Kraken is a traditional submarine, while the Stromberg is a car that can transform into a submarine. These submarines can typically be found near the docks or in underwater hideouts.

1.1 Finding the Kraken Submarine

To find the Kraken submarine, head to the docks located at the eastern coast of Los Santos. Look for a large yellow crane with a red shipping container on it. The Kraken submarine will be submerged in the water nearby. You can enter it by swimming towards it or using a boat.

1.2 Finding the Stromberg Submarine

Locating the Stromberg submarine requires a little more effort. First, you need to complete the Doomsday Heist as a host or crew member. Once the heist is completed, you will have the option to purchase the Stromberg submarine car from Warstock Cache & Carry. After purchasing it, the Stromberg will be available in your garage. To enter the submarine mode, drive the Stromberg into any body of water and press the transformation button.

Step 2: Entering the Submarine

Now that you’ve found the submarine, it’s time to enter it and start your aquatic adventure. The process for entering the two types of submarines differs, so let’s explore each separately.

2.1 Entering the Kraken Submarine

To enter the Kraken submarine, swim towards it or use a boat near the submarine. Once you’re close enough, press the prompted button to enter. The game will transition to an interior view of the submarine.

2.2 Entering the Stromberg Submarine Mode

If you are in possession of the Stromberg car, entering the submarine mode is a breeze. While inside the Stromberg, drive it into any body of water, such as the ocean or a lake. Then, press a specific button (depending on the platform you are playing on) to transform the car into a submarine. You will now be inside the submarine, ready to explore the underwater environment.

Step 3: Operating the Submarine

Now that you’re inside the submarine, let’s learn how to operate it. The controls for the Kraken and the Stromberg vary slightly, so we’ll cover both.

3.1 Operating the Kraken Submarine

Once inside the Kraken submarine, you can control its movement using the same controls as a boat. Use the accelerator button to move forward, the brake button to slow down or stop, and the steering controls to change direction. You can also ascend or descend using the appropriate controls. To dive deeper, use the submarine’s ballast tanks.

3.2 Operating the Stromberg Submarine Mode

While in the Stromberg submarine mode, the controls will change. To navigate underwater, you will use the same controls as a normal car. The accelerator button moves the submarine forward, the brake button slows it down or stops, and steering controls change direction. The car’s headlights will automatically turn on underwater to help with visibility.

Step 4: Exploring and Enjoying the Underwater World

Now that you know how to enter and operate a submarine, it’s time to explore the vast underwater world of GTA 5. Navigate through colorful coral reefs, discover hidden treasure, and encounter unique marine life. Keep an eye out for sunken wrecks and other interesting points of interest. The ocean in GTA 5 is teeming with secrets waiting to be discovered.

Remember to have fun while exploring, but be cautious of your submarine’s oxygen levels. If the oxygen runs out, your character will start losing health. To replenish oxygen, either resurface or find pockets of air bubbles dispersed throughout the underwater world.

That’s it! You are now equipped with the knowledge to enter and operate a submarine in GTA 5. Dive into the depths, and let your underwater adventure begin!

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