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Kawasaki Ninja H2/H2R Mod

The Kawasaki Ninja H2/H2R mod for GTA 5 adds an incredibly realistic and powerful motorcycle to the game.

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Kawasaki Ninja H2/H2R

Kawasaki Ninja H2/H2R Mod for GTA 5

The Kawasaki Ninja H2/H2R mod for GTA 5 is an incredible addition to the game. This mod adds the legendary Kawasaki Ninja H2/H2R to the game, giving you a chance to experience the power and performance of this iconic motorcycle. With its powerful engine and sleek design, this bike is sure to turn heads and make you the envy of your friends.


  • Realistic 3D model of the Kawasaki Ninja H2/H2R
  • Highly detailed textures and materials
  • Authentic sounds for the engine and exhaust
  • Customizable performance parts and upgrades
  • Compatible with all other GTA 5 mods

The Kawasaki Ninja H2/H2R mod for GTA 5 is the perfect way to add a touch of class and power to your game. With its realistic 3D model and highly detailed textures and materials, you can be sure that you’ll be getting the most out of your bike. And with its customizable performance parts and upgrades, you can make sure that your bike is always running at its peak performance.


  1. Download the Kawasaki Ninja H2/H2R mod for GTA 5 from a reliable source.
  2. Open the downloaded file and extract the contents to a folder on your computer.
  3. Open the folder, and copy the “KawasakiNinjaH2.oiv” file.
  4. Navigate to your GTA 5 directory, and open the “mods” folder.
  5. Paste the “KawasakiNinjaH2.oiv” file into this folder.
  6. Open the OpenIV program, and navigate to GTA 5’s “mods” folder.
  7. Double-click the “KawasakiNinjaH2.oiv” file to install the mod.
  8. Start up GTA 5, and navigate to the “Spawn Vehicle” option.
  9. Select the Kawasaki Ninja H2/H2R from the list of available vehicles.
  10. Enjoy riding the Kawasaki Ninja H2/H2R in GTA 5!


The Kawasaki Ninja H2/H2R GTA 5 mod is an amazing addition to the game – it looks and rides like the real thing!
Kawasaki Ninja H2/H2R mod for GTA V is a great mod for those looking for a realistic driving experience. It includes a highly detailed model of the Ninja H2/H2R and accurate physics, making it a great way to get the most out of the game.
I love using the Kawasaki Ninja H2/H2R mod when I play GTA V. It’s fast and looks great, and it’s always a blast to race around the city with it. It’s one of my favorite mods to use when I play.
I’ve been using the GTA 5 Kawasaki Ninja H2/H2R mod for a few months now and haven’t had any issues. The mod is easy to install and adds a great level of realism to the game. Highly recommended!

Mod Information

Game: Grand Theft Auto V
Language: English
License: Creative Commons Attribution 4.0
OS Requirement: Windows 7, 8, 10, 11+
Last update: 3 day(s) ago


Patch v1.4

  • Replaced the existing air filter with a new and improved one for better performance.
  • Added a new exhaust system for improved exhaust flow.
  • Upgraded the suspension system for improved handling and stability.

Patch v1.3

  • Added a new fuel injection system for improved fuel efficiency.
  • Upgraded the brakes for better braking performance.
  • Improved the cooling system for more efficient cooling.

Patch v1.2

  • Replaced the existing spark plugs with new ones for better ignition.
  • Added a new clutch system for improved shifting.
  • Upgraded the engine for increased power and torque.

Patch v1.1

  • Added a new air intake system for improved air flow.
  • Upgraded the transmission for smoother shifting.
  • Improved the frame for increased rigidity.

Release v1.0

  • Initial release of the Kawasaki Ninja H2/H2R mod.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Kawasaki Ninja H2/H2R?

The Kawasaki Ninja H2 and H2R are high-performance motorcycles produced by Kawasaki Heavy Industries Motorcycle & Engine. The H2 is a street-legal production motorcycle, while the H2R is a closed course racing variant. Both models feature a supercharged 998 cc inline-four engine, capable of producing up to 310 horsepower.

What are the differences between the H2 and H2R?

The main difference between the H2 and H2R is that the H2R is a closed course racing variant and is not street legal. The H2R is also more powerful, producing up to 310 horsepower compared to the H2’s 200 horsepower. Additionally, the H2R is equipped with a higher-spec suspension, brakes, and wheels.

What are the available modifications for the H2/H2R?

There are a variety of modifications available for the H2/H2R, including performance upgrades, aesthetic upgrades, and convenience upgrades. Performance upgrades include engine tuning, exhaust systems, and suspension upgrades. Aesthetic upgrades include paint jobs, decals, and other customizations. Convenience upgrades include GPS systems, LED lighting, and other accessories.

What is the cost of modifying a H2/H2R?

The cost of modifying a H2/H2R will depend on the type and extent of the modifications. Generally, performance upgrades are more expensive than aesthetic and convenience upgrades. Additionally, the cost of labor and parts will vary depending on the modifications being made.

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