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Police Script Mod

The GTA 5 mod Police Script allows players to experience the game from the perspective of a police officer.

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Police Script

Introduction to Police Script mod for GTA 5

The Police Script mod for GTA 5 is a modification that adds various features and improvements to the game’s police gameplay. It allows players to experience realistic law enforcement scenarios and makes the gameplay more immersive and engaging.

Features of Police Script mod for GTA 5

  • Realistic police dispatch system
  • New police cars and vehicles
  • Improved police AI and behavior
  • New weapons and equipment for law enforcement officers
  • Ability to call for backup and request assistance
  • Enhanced pursuit and chase mechanics

Installing Police Script mod for GTA 5

  1. Download the mod files from a reliable source
  2. Extract the files using a file extraction software
  3. Copy the extracted files to the game’s installation directory
  4. Launch the game and enjoy the new police gameplay features


The Police Script mod for GTA 5 is a must-have for players who enjoy the game’s law enforcement gameplay aspects. It adds new features and improvements that make the experience more realistic and engaging. The installation process is easy, and the mod is compatible with most versions of the game. Download it today and experience GTA 5 like never before.


  1. Download the mod from our website
  2. Extract the downloaded file using an extractor software
  3. Copy the extracted files to the game installation directory
  4. Now open the game and launch the mod from the game menu
  5. To access the mod options and controls, press ‘F4’ key in-game. A menu will appear.
  6. Configure the mod settings to your preferences using the menu.
  7. Enjoy playing as a police officer in GTA 5 with added features and customization options.


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Mod Information

Game: Grand Theft Auto V
Language: English
License: Creative Commons Attribution 4.0
OS Requirement: Windows 7, 8, 10, 11+
Last update: 2 day(s) ago


Update v1.7

  • Added new police vehicles: Ford Police Interceptor, Dodge Charger Hellcat, Chevrolet Tahoe, Ford Crown Victoria
  • Improved driving AI for police vehicles
  • Added new police stations and armories to the map
  • Fixed bug where player would be stuck in a black screen after an arrest
  • Improved AI behavior for pedestrians and criminals

Update v1.6

  • Added new crimes to respond to, such as bank robberies and car thefts
  • Implemented more realistic police radio communication
  • Added new mini-games for police officers to complete during their shift
  • Improved overall performance and stability of the mod
  • Fixed bug where police officers would randomly lose their weapons

Update v1.5

  • Added new police gadgets such as tasers and flashlights
  • Improved the ability for police to call for back-up
  • Added new voice lines for police actors
  • Improved in-game notifications for dispatch calls
  • Fixed bug where police would not respond to certain crimes

Update v1.4

  • Added new police uniform options
  • Improved AI behavior for police officers
  • Added new weapons such as shotguns and assault rifles
  • Enabled the ability for police officers to detain suspects without arresting them
  • Improved the mod’s compatibility with other mods

Update v1.3

  • Added more police vehicles such as motorcycles and helicopters
  • Improved player-controlled police vehicles
  • Enabled police AI to pursue suspects on foot
  • Added new animations for police actions
  • Fixed bug where player would become stuck after an arrest

Initial Release v1.0

  • Added police-themed missions and callouts
  • Enabled player to use a police radio for dispatch calls
  • Added new police vehicles such as patrol cars and vans
  • Improved AI behavior for police and suspects
  • Enabled player to arrest suspects and bring them to the station

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the GTA 5 mod Police Script?

The GTA 5 mod Police Script is a modification to the Grand Theft Auto V game that allows players to take on the role of law enforcement officers. With this mod, players can patrol the streets, respond to emergency calls, and enforce the laws of the game’s virtual world.

How do I install the GTA 5 mod Police Script?

The installation process for the GTA 5 mod Police Script may vary depending on the version of the game you are playing and the specifics of the mod you wish to install. However, most mods will come with detailed instructions on how to install them. In general, you will need to download the mod files and then use a third-party tool such as OpenIV to install them into the game’s files.

Can I play with other mods when using the GTA 5 Police Script?

In most cases, yes. The GTA 5 mod Police Script is compatible with a wide variety of other mods that add new features, vehicles, or graphics to the game. However, it is always a good idea to read the installation instructions and any compatibility notices before attempting to install multiple mods at once.

What do I need to play the GTA 5 mod Police Script?

To use any GTA V mod, including the Police Script, you will need a copy of the Grand Theft Auto V game for PC, as well as the appropriate mod files. Some mods may also require additional software, such as OpenIV, to install or operate.

Is the GTA 5 mod Police Script legal?

Modding video games is a legal gray area, and the legality of any given mod may depend on your country and jurisdiction. However, in general, GTA V mods are considered legal as long as they do not violate the game’s terms of service or infringe on copyrighted material. It is always a good idea to read the installation instructions and any legal notices that come with a given mod before installing it.

Can I get banned from GTA Online for using the Police Script mod?

Rockstar Games, the developer of Grand Theft Auto V, has a firm policy against cheating in its online game modes. While using the Police Script mod in single-player mode should not result in a ban, using it in GTA Online or in any way that gives you an unfair advantage over other players could result in a ban or other disciplinary action. As always, use mods at your own risk.

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