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Build a Mission Mod

The Build a Mission mod for GTA 5 allows players to create their own custom missions and share them with friends.

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Build a Mission

Build a Mission Mod for GTA 5


Build a Mission mod for GTA 5 allows players to create their own custom missions and play them in the game. Players can choose from a variety of mission types, such as heists, races, or deathmatches, and customize the objectives, enemies, rewards, and other aspects of the mission.


  • Create custom missions with a variety of objectives, enemies, rewards, and more.
  • Choose from a range of mission types, such as heists, races, or deathmatches.
  • Share your missions with friends and play them together.
  • Earn rewards for completing missions.


  • GTA 5 game
  • Compatible gaming console
  • Internet connection


  1. Download the mod from a trusted website.
  2. Extract the files from the .zip file.
  3. Open the extracted folder and copy the “buildamission.asi” file.
  4. Navigate to where you have installed GTA 5 and paste the “buildamission.asi” file into the main folder.
  5. Open the game and press the “F4” key to open the mod menu.
  6. Select the “Build a Mission” option from the mod menu.
  7. Choose the type of mission you want to create and customize it to your liking.
  8. Once you are satisfied with your mission, press the “Save” button to save it.
  9. You can now start your mission from the main menu.


Build a Mission GTA 5 mod is an amazing mod that adds tons of new missions and challenges to the game, making it an even more exciting experience!
Build a Mission mod for GTA V is an excellent mod that allows players to create their own custom missions. The mod is easy to use and provides plenty of options for creating unique missions. It’s a great way to add a new level of challenge and fun to the game.
I love using Build a Mission mod when I play GTA V. It adds so much more depth to the game and allows me to create unique and challenging missions. I can’t get enough of it!
I’ve been using the GTA 5 Build a Mission mod for a few months now and it’s been great. It’s very easy to use and I haven’t had any issues with it. Highly recommend!

Mod Information

Game: Grand Theft Auto V
Language: English
License: Creative Commons Attribution 4.0
OS Requirement: Windows 7, 8, 10, 11+
Last update: 1 day(s) ago


Patch v1.7

  • Added new mission objectives and challenges.
  • Optimized mission loading times.
  • Improved AI behavior.
  • Fixed minor bugs and glitches.

Patch v1.6

  • Added new weapons and vehicles.
  • Improved mission UI.
  • Fixed some mission related crashes.

Patch v1.5

  • Added new mission dialogue.
  • Improved mission environment.
  • Added new mission objectives.

Patch v1.4

  • Added new mission locations.
  • Improved mission graphics.
  • Added new mission rewards.

Patch v1.3

  • Added new mission types.
  • Optimized mission difficulty.
  • Improved mission rewards.

Patch v1.2

  • Improved mission dialogue.
  • Added new mission characters.
  • Fixed minor mission bugs.

Patch v1.1

  • Added new mission objectives.
  • Improved mission rewards.
  • Optimized mission loading times.

Initial Release

  • Added new mission creation system.
  • Improved mission structure.
  • Added mission customization options.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Build a Mission?

Build a Mission is a mod for Grand Theft Auto V that allows players to create and customize their own missions. With this mod, players can create their own missions from scratch, or customize existing missions to their liking.

How do I install the mod?

The mod can be installed by downloading the mod files from a trusted source and then dropping them into the game’s directory. For more detailed instructions, please refer to the mod’s installation guide.

What kinds of missions can I create?

You can create any type of mission you want, from simple fetch quests to complex heists. The only limit is your imagination!

Can I share my missions with other players?

Yes, you can share your missions with other players. You can do this by uploading your mission files to a file-sharing website, or by using the mod’s in-game mission sharing feature.

What are the system requirements for the mod?

The mod requires Grand Theft Auto V to be installed on PC, and requires a minimum of 4GB RAM, a 2GHz processor, and a DirectX 10 compatible graphics card. For more detailed system requirements, please refer to the mod’s website.

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