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Zombie Animation

Zombie GTA 5 is an intense, action-packed animation that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

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GTA 5 Zombie Animation

The Zombie animation for GTA 5 is a fun and exciting way to add a new element of horror to the game. Players will be able to create their own zombie-infested world and battle against the undead hordes. The animation features realistic zombie movements, as well as a variety of weapons and items to help you survive the zombie apocalypse.


  • Realistic zombie movements and animations
  • Variety of weapons and items to help players survive
  • Ability to create your own zombie-infested world
  • Challenging and immersive gameplay


  1. Download the mod from our website.
  2. Unzip the downloaded file.
  3. Copy the “zombieanimation.asi” file to the main game folder.
  4. Open the game, and press F4 to open the console.
  5. Type “zombieanimation” into the console and press enter.
  6. Enjoy the zombie animation!


This Zombie GTA 5 mod is awesome – it’s like a whole new game!
Zombie animation for GTA V is a great addition to the game. It adds a creepy and eerie atmosphere to the game, and the animations are smooth and realistic. It’s a great way to add some spooky fun to the game.
I love using Zombie animation when I play GTA V. It adds a fun and unique twist to the game and makes it more enjoyable. It’s a great way to add some extra excitement to the game.
I’ve been using the GTA 5 Zombie animation for a few months now and have had no issues. The animation is smooth and realistic and I’m very satisfied with the results. Overall, I’m very pleased with this animation and would definitely recommend it.

Mod Information

Game: Grand Theft Auto V
Language: English
License: Creative Commons Attribution 4.0
OS Requirement: Windows 7, 8, 10, 11+
Last update: 5 day(s) ago


Patch v1.5

  • Improved zombie animations for better realism
  • Added new zombie character models
  • New sound effects for zombie attacks

Patch v1.4

  • Increased zombie health to make them more difficult to kill
  • Added new weapons to help players fight off zombies
  • Improved AI to make zombies more unpredictable

Patch v1.3

  • Added new zombie types to increase variety
  • Improved zombie textures for better visuals
  • Balanced zombie spawn rate to make them more challenging

Initial Release

  • Added zombie animations for GTA V
  • Added zombie AI for more realistic behavior
  • Added zombie sound effects for increased immersion

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Zombie GTA 5?

Zombie GTA 5 is an animation that combines the popular video game Grand Theft Auto 5 with a zombie apocalypse storyline. It follows the journey of a group of survivors as they try to survive in a world overrun by zombies.

Who created Zombie GTA 5?

Zombie GTA 5 was created by YouTube user “TheGTAVideos”. The animation was released in 2015 and has since become a popular fan favorite.

How long is Zombie GTA 5?

The animation is approximately 10 minutes long. It is a short, but intense story that follows the group of survivors as they attempt to survive the zombie apocalypse.

What is the setting of Zombie GTA 5?

The setting of Zombie GTA 5 is the fictional city of Los Santos, which is the same setting as the original Grand Theft Auto 5 video game. The animation follows the survivors as they explore the city and attempt to survive the zombie apocalypse.

Where can I watch Zombie GTA 5?

You can watch Zombie GTA 5 on YouTube. The animation is available for free and can be accessed by searching for “Zombie GTA 5” on YouTube.

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